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How to get a Mastodon verified checkmark using my Snapto profile?

Find out how you can get a verified checkmark in Mastodon using your Snapto profile

With the social media platform Mastodon having experienced incredible growth in recent weeks, we've added support for linking your Mastodon account to your Snapto profile. We will also automatically add the correct rel=me attribute so you can set your Snapto profile as your website on your Mastodon profile and it will be automatically verified.

To get started, sign up for Snapto and create your first profile.

To link and get your Snapto profile verified, enter your server name and username in the following format: server\@username. For example, if you're using the server:\@hermanschutte. Remember the @ before your username.

Add your Mastodon profile link to your Snapto profile

You can now edit your profile on Mastodon with your Snapto link:

Edit your Mastodon profile with your Snapto link

Once you've saved your changes, your profile will have the verified check 😃

Your Mastodon profile will now have the verified checkmark

To get started, sign up for Snapto and create your first profile for free!

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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