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How do I claim my Snapto URL?

Find out how to claim your Snapto URL and combine all your websites, social accounts and contact information into a single shareable link.

Claiming your Snapto URL and creating your profile is the first step to connecting your audience to all of your content. Follow the steps below to get started.

Sign up for a Snapto account at
Enter a Name and URL for your Snapto profile and click Create Profile

On the Profile edit page, you can add links, by clicking the + New Link button or insert a header to separate your links by clicking the + Header button. To activate the link, enter the Title and URL for the link.

To configure your social media accounts, click on the Social tab, and set your social account usernames, email address and telephone number that you would like to include on your Snapto profile.

To set a profile picture, click on the Design tab, and then on the Change Avatar button.

Here you can also select another template to change the look and feel of your profile.

When you're ready to make your profile public, click on the Publish button next to your profile link.

Your profile is now public and can be shared and added to your Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and other social account bios. To get started with adding your profile URL to your Instagram bio, click on the Add to Instagram or Add to Bio button. You will be able to copy your profile URL and then update the website option in your Instagram profile.

Updated on: 15/11/2021

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